10 Confetti Alternatives

June 24, 2019

My FAVOURITE part of a wedding, the throwing of the confetti!

Probably one of the few wedding traditions that I love, this is so much fun and can provide some of the BEST wedding photos of your day. The happiness and smiles on your guests faces are so real, they get to celebrate this moment when you leave the ceremony for the first time as HUSBAND and WIFE!

I might be a little stickler for more eco-friendly options, but I know that is not always possible, so please if you are not using eco friendly options, clean up afterwards.

So here are a few options I have seen and loved through the years.



More and more weddings are going eco friendly and Baby’s breath is becoming more and more popular with brides around the world.

Baby’s breathe has a pom pom feel, easy to find in any country and will go with just about all wedding themes from rustic, classic to elegant.

Easy to “harvest”, just pull the buds from the stems and there you go!



Traditionally sparklers are used as a popular “send-off” wedding exit. But more and more couples are using them as newlywed celebrations!

If you are planning on using sparklers, please just check if you are allowed to use them, especially in forests. Last thing you need is your face on the cover of all sorts of newspapers.



Probably one of my favourites, bubbles! I don’t know if it is the inner child in me, but whenever I see bubbles as confetti I do a happy dance inside! This is a “no mess” confetti option, the little ones (and some bigger ones) will be entertained after the ceremony! And of course it looks so awesome for photos!

On a side note, when deciding for the bubble option, look for bubbles that has a little less soap concentration to avoid dress stains and / or ask guests to avoid blowing bubbles directly onto the bridal couple.


I guess the wildlife needs to celebrate with you! If you are having an outdoor wedding this could actually be fun.

Check with the venue what type of birds are around and make sure to get the right type of seed for them, you actually want to enjoy seeing them eat the seed afterwards.



The first time I saw this I absolutely LOVED it, not only was the groom a pilot but it was a great way to get the guests (both young and old) involved even more during the confetti throw. I loved watching peoples faces whilst trying to throw these bad boys! I know we don’t have control over the planes, but please avoid the faces of the bridal couple.

Easy to clean up afterwards and you could even write a little message for your guests.

And as mentioned before, let’s be more eco-friendly and use biodegradable paper.



I’ll be honest here, not my favourite smell. But according to a large number of people, lavender does smell amazing. The lavender buds are soft, light (don’t want to be brushing the bridal couple) and perfect size for confetti!




If you are deciding on leaves, consider using the leaf as a whole. I personally think penny gum and olive leaves look amazing if you are having a natural or rustic wedding.

Autumn weddings you could possibly use leaves that have gained a bit of colour as the seasons change, of course that would provide a lot more colour to your photographs!

If you are one of those brides that always seems to find time on your hands, delegates well and you would like your confetti a bit smaller, consider using a hole punch or a styled hole punch to make your confetti smaller or to the shape you would love. The results are amazing!



Another favourite of mine, herbs! This is a great option for confetti, it smells so DELICIOUS, herbs grow in abundance, you are likely to find them throughout the years.

Rosemary and thyme leaves would work best for confetti! #ThymeAndAgain you can’t go wrong with herbs!




If I ever get married, THIS is how I would exit my ceremony! High drama, crazy fun, everyone will enjoy and super colourful! Oh my word! THE PHOTOS! #mymindisBLOWN!

Don’t give everyone a smoke bomb, line them up in a row and hand out to every 6th / 7th person, firstly to split the smoke as you exit.

Warning, don’t put the smoke bomb too close to your clothes.



Another one for the wildlife! Budget friendly and a little quirky. This really does make for fun confetti and if your guests are feeling a little peckish, they could nibble on a couple! Make sure there is enough, or it could be like the movies, you finish the popcorn before the movie has even started!

To avoid greasy fingers on dresses, try air-popping your popcorn.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Confetti Alternatives.