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Sharyn Hodges

Photographer | Coffee Snob | ADVENTURER

Your adventurous and fun destination wedding photographer, based in South Africa and available for travels anywhere planes fly! I’ve been documenting love and helping couples save their memories for over 8 years now. It brings me joy and great honour to have you open your heart and invite me into your world and family for a few special days.

Apart from wedding photography, I’m also an huge coffee snob, plant mom, pansy shell hunter, serial snacker, one-day fitness fanatic (the chocolate calls my name on day two), collector of nothing, wanna-be beach bum, champagne connoisseur, formula one follower, but above all, I am a fiercely protective mom to three precious golden teddy bears, Dani, Pip and Nono Pye.



Raw passion. Unwavering loyalty. Real emotion. Authenticity. Beautiful light. Pure honesty. Adventure. And just love. So much love. That’s pretty much all about me. I’ll fiercely have your back, both cheerleader and wedding-planner style, whilst I capture and eternalise every step of this new and exciting journey you are undertaking on your wedding day. At the heart of it all sits the honour of being invited to be a part of your family and life for a few days – one of my biggest sources of joy in this world.

Other than taking okay photos, I’ve become pretty good at multi-tasking over the years. I’ll top up your champagne or coffee (I’m a real connoisseur of both!), I’ll bring you snacks and crack awkwardly nerdy jokes to ease the jitters. I’ll swear even harder than you when things go wrong but will help you turn things around faster than you can say, “Oh, f*ck!” We can talk about plants and dogs and tattoos whilst you get your hair done. We can debate who is going to cry first and who has the best dance moves as you tie your shoes and put on your jewellery. We can cross our fingers together and hope for moody clouds at sunset. We can laugh at my weird ass continuously shouting “bangers!” during the couple shoot. I’ll even take all the blame if we get back a bit late after the couple shoot, just because we chased the golden hour.

We can do whatever makes you most comfortable, because I am all about you and your memories, and making them even more magical than you ever imagined. And if you need someone to eat cake and drink a shot of tequila with at the end of the night, you have me on speed dial. Cake counts as a main meal, right?

When it’s time to say our goodbyes, it will never be too long. My name will pop up on your socials and in your inbox, because, through the midst of the beautiful chaos of your wedding day, we’ve become friends. I’ll drink an extra glass of champagne on your anniversary and hope that you remember the bangers we created together, and how ridiculously loved you are.

All you really need to know about me, is that I’ll fiercely have your back as I photograph those little moments in between the big breaths. Those little moments you didn’t even know were unfolding as you prepare to walk down the aisle. Those are the moments I live for. You want a wing-woman in your corner that can tell your story of love through photographs? That’s me. I’m her.

The shp team


Nicknames: Everyone's girlfriend, Pippin, Middle Pip, My favourite, Queenie Panini, Dolphin Dog.

Hobbies: Always looking for love, Keurbooms wonderer, obsessed with balls and the beach, every stick on the beach belong to him. Farting mom out of house and home.

Pet Hates: Otters and Seals

Nono Pye

Nicknames: Gogo, Satan, Snolly, Baby Baby, Sproggy, Snob Bob, Nons, Noot Noot

Hobbies: Not SLEEPING, beach, bush, anything that is ded on the beach will be eaten, barking for attention, crying for attention, sleeping with mom, being the "chosen" one.

Pet Hates: Bath time and sleeping


Nicknames: Oupa, Fatso, Old Man, Grumpy, the OG, Daniiii, Nathaniel.

Hobbies: Eating, sleeping and barking for absolutely no reason, following mom everywhere, no place is safe.

Pet Hates: Don't touch me.

Kay & Monty Wedding Venue

September 2023

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