Best Wedding Photographs & Moments Of 2018

January 13, 2019

I never imagined being a “Wedding Photographer” never mind doing my very first “The Best Wedding Photographs and Moments of ….”.

2018 was one crazy, amazing, adventurous, surreal, wonderful, creative rollercoaster of awesomeness! I am trying to figure out what I did in January and one of my favourite moments was sipping Newstead Bubbly at Constantia Gardens whilst watching Angus and Julia and deciding after one glass too many that I am going to go up to the stage and pretend I am a photographer, while it worked and I got so close to the front. There I was drooling over Angus and thinking, this is why I walk around with a HUGE camera! The next minute I was in Thailand drinking fruit smoothies and nearly adopting Jasmine to speedboating around Bond Island and “The Beach” beach. Redesigning my website and probably one of the most important lessons I learnt, NEVER ever design your own website again! I have added a few new grey hairs! Witnessing more continued love stories in forests, beaches, vineyards and churches. Fighting all kinds of gale force winds (nearly lost a bride on a mountain!) and extreme heat where I literally wanted to melt into a puddle. Because my life isn’t chaotic enough, I decided I needed another fur baby, welcome Pee-Pee-ling. The chaos you bring is the good kinda chaos my precious little one. From your muddy paws to morning growls. Insert the BIGGEST heart eye emoji here! 

So out of the what feels like MILLIONS of photographs taken this last year, I have tried to select my favourites. From jumping bed brides, awkward grooms, the tears, the laughs, the grooms “first look” emotional facial expressions, walking down the isle, the first kisses, the confetti joy, epic landscapes, dress reveals and then bridal party squeals (and more tears), father’s “first looks” and those intimate last moments with mum, brides attempting to pop champagne (it’s a scary thing I tell you), dodgy dance moves and determined bouquet and garter catchers, harvest table hunters and all those little blooper moments that makes the story telling authentic and real.

I can’t explain how much I have grown this last year, not only as a person (it’s okay to cry during a ceremony and speeches, just get the shots!) but also as a photographer, looking back on the photographs, I can see I have found myself, my true style and believing that I am unique in my own story telling way. And my motto: If you are shooting like everyone else. Then you are everyone else.  

Thank you to every single person from the Bride and Groom, mothers, fathers, crazy bridesmaids and fun groomsmen, to the guests that wants to buy me drinks and those ones that make sure I have eaten. We have laughed (way to much, even my corny jokes gets laughed at), I have seen you cry (and lately I have joined you), we have created magic and memories that hopefully in years to come transports you back to that day when you were surrounded by the most important people in your life.

I can’t thank you all enough for inviting and trusting me to be part of your love stories.

All I can say is….BRING IT ON 2019!