Cape Town Couple Shoot With Kelsey and Daniel

July 14, 2022

Multi coloured huts and tidal pools at St James in Cape Town.

Sunrise slots are always my favourite, but not everyone enjoys getting up to be ready to shoot around 06h00. 

Kelsey and Daniel where bright eyed and bushy tailed for this shoot, I couldn’t believe that amount of Capetonians already swimming in that freezing water. Over 100 for sure at 06h00. I would NEVER!

Kelsey and Daniel, thank you getting up and being ready, for sharing so so so many laughs with me. I still giggle at the swam falling sequence! It is one of my 2022 highlights. Thank you for being YOU, even if you thought you were awkward, you were cute and endearing. Thank you for braving the coldest water on earth, spraying champagne like two bosses who just closed a massive deal and then being disappointed that it was all gone! Thank you swimming again the current (it wasn’t dangerous) to jump off the wall, not once but three times. But thank you for the delicious breakfast, too much coffee and amazing conversations after the shoot. The laughter continued for hours afterwards.

Please stay exactly the way you two are!