Cashelle & Craig’s Sunset Engagement Shoot At Forest Hall

September 29, 2022

Is there any place more magical along the Garden Route than Forest Hall?

What an adventure this shoot was. And trust me we will never forget this day. When Cashelle mentioned she wanted a couple shoot at Forest Hall, I was excited as I usually only shoot wedding couples down there so this was going to be a treat! I haven’t been down that road for a while and I know it is usually not the best. We attempted to go down in a little car, we got stuck, we sweated, we swore and we moved on. It’s funny now, but then it wasn’t. LOL!

Walking through the bushes and then you get to beach, it ALWAYS takes my breathe away. It is so beautiful down there. We walked around and I mentioned this is where some scenes of the New Tomb Raider was shot and just soaked it all in. The beautiful light, the smell of ocean and fynbos mixed and my stunning couple.

We laughed our way through those first 15 minutes and once that light was ready to bang, which she did, we made magic! Cashelle and Craig, I honestly CAN NOT wait for February when we do this all again.

Thank you for all the laughs, the giggles, trusting me, the honesty and for looking absolutely gorgeous!!

Till we meet again…