Claire & Brendan Sunset Engagement Shoot in Keurboomstrand

September 2, 2023

PLEASE bring Bloo to the shoot! 

During our Google Meets chat Claire mentioned she holidayed in Keurboomstrand (that’s where I live) and after a few questions about “more a less where did you stay in Keurboomstrand”, we worked it out that she holidayed as my neighbour! This is when I say, “it’s a small world”. Claire and I have probably walked past each other on the beach, swam in the sea at the same time, and probably sat at Enrico’s eating pizza without even knowing of each other. And now I have the amazing privilege to photograph her and Brendan’s wedding at Kay & Monty in 2024!

Claire, Bren, and Bloo, THANK YOU for choosing me to share your special day with your family and friends. I was so excited to finally meet you in person, laugh with you, and to make bangers with you! I really wanted Bloo to come home with me, and I would have stolen him, but you know where I live! 

Claire and Bren, I can’t wait for the 2nd March 2024, when I get to see you two again, where we will create magic that will last a lifetime, probably share a tear or two, definitely laugh, spray the champagne, drink the champagne and dance the night away with all the best and dodgy moves. We will have the best day on your best day!

See you soon…