Dominique & Frank | Trash The Dress | Sossusvlei | Namibia

March 14, 2019

Are you available for our Trash The Dress shoot in Sossusvlei?

When Dominique first messaged me back in October 2018, she said, “I have this crazy idea”. She didn’t have to say more. I just knew I was GOING!  And go I did! 

Dominique’s idea was that she would pack her Wedding Dress in her backpack during their honeymoon in Namibia (and a bit in South Africa), and as she rightfully said, I am only wearing my dress for one day and it’s not enough. We chatted from that moment and throwing around ideas, dates and locations. Even though we were continents apart it was so easy chatting about the shoot and planning things from this side was both exciting and a bit scary. Going to a new country, new locations you always want to do your homework. Where and when does the sun rise and set. What’s the distance between locations, what are the park rules and regulations all of this homework needed to be done a couple of days before. And I mean going to Namibia doesn’t happen every day, so I planned for about a week.

So, 5000km travelled, two flat tyres, we got stuck in the sand, camped for three nights, paid for extremely expensive internet, lived off Zoo Biscuits, coke light, chicken breast, begging the weather gods for clouds and one AMAZING COUPLE!

This is the magic we created at the canyons, Dune 40, Deadvlei, Big Mamma and Sossusvlei. 

It’s so difficult to describe the beauty and I still don’t know if I did Namibia justice!

Do & Frank, honestly I couldn’t have asked for a more adventurous couple than the two of you, you both were such fun and I absolutely loved laughing and spending time with you two.  I know that we will meet again and I can’t wait for that day!