Engagement Photo Mistakes to Avoid

July 8, 2019

You are ENGAGED! 

This is truly such an exciting time and an engagement shoot allows you to get used to being in front of a camera before your big day! Trust me, on your wedding day, this shoot would have helped you and your photographer tremendously.

I have compiled a list of common photo mistakes, so when you do book your session you will know what to avoid, what to wear and have the BEST time ever with a few banger photographs in between!



This is by far the biggest factor you will need to consider on your shoot. Nobody likes panda eyes (not even after a night out, you know what I am talking about girls), we want that soft romantic golden light that all photographers wish they could bottle up and just whip out whenever we need it. So basically what I am saying is your photo session should be scheduled around Golden Hour, your photographer will be screaming BANGERS or you will be thinking BANGERS, but this is the BEST time to shoot. Don’t argue with your photographer about this, they know exactly what they are doing. If you are a morning person (like me), sunrise sessions are MIND BLOWING BEAUTIFUL! I can’t explain it, sigh. I know it’s early, but just think about this. You three will probably have your location all to yourselves, parking would be easy, no weirdos looking at you and the best part you get to see a sunrise with the person you really love, during the best time so far of your relationship.

Planning your shoot is so vital! You would want to get to your location at lease 10 minutes before the sun begins to rise. Depending on your season some sunrises would mean 05h00, which could mean as early as a 03h00 start. 


This one could set the overall feel of the entire shoot. For me, this is a big NO! All photographers will agree with me, it is so frustrating when couples don’t show up at the agreed time. You might not believe this, but it affects so much, lighting for one, remember that golden light, sadly we can’t just whip it out, the flow of the shoot, when we plan things in our head more or less 10 minutes here, 20 there etc don’t mess with the flow!

I do understand that life happens, traffic happens and those factors are out of our hands, but plan to leave just an extra 10 minutes earlier. Take the stress out of it.


I love it when couples want to change location. Every location offers a different mood, background and textures. However, travel time will be needed to plan so that you maximise, both your time in front of the camera and also being in the perfect spot during those last ten minutes of sunset, you DON’T want to miss that BANGER light!

Plan locations within 15 – 20 minutes travel time.


I love a good LOVE STORY and they usually have some grand location tied to it. That is why I think it is important that you choose a location that is special to you. Whether it’s the first place you met, your favourite coffee shop or in the comforts of your home. As long as you choose a place where you both feel comfortable, that will make all the difference to your photographs


Just like not having too many location changes, the same can be said about your outfits. All these stop and starts could mess the flow of your photoshoot.

I always recommend two outfit changes, meaning the one that you arrive in and maybe one other. Or do one complete outfit and just do a few changes, for example, adding a flower crown and loosening your hair, change your shoes or maybe add a jacket.

You also DON’T have to do an outfit change, less is more as they say!


I guess you are starting to see a trend here, comfortable location and now comfortable clothing. We all have those outfits that make us feeling AWESOME! I know you thinking of them right now. Wearing something that you are continuously pulling and pushing will consume your thoughts for the entire shoot.

Of course this is a special occasion and you might want to splash out a bit, absolutely GO FOR IT! Just feel amazing and love the way you look! The BANGERS will follow!


An engagement shoot is the prequel to your wedding day couple shoot, after this shoot you should feel a lot more comfortable (that word again!) in front of the lens. We all love those “posed but not posed shots”, but allow your photographer the freedom to capture those intimate, special in-between moments when you forget that you have a third wheel to your date. 


Trust me, I really DON’T like to be in front of the camera, I am all kinds of awkward, constantly thinking to myself should I look at the camera and give a cheesy smile, do I look all blue steel or dreamy. I give my couples 15 minutes at the beginning of a photo session to get used to me and well me to them. I crack really bad jokes and one liners that I cringe at when I think back on the shoot, but it really makes such a difference to the rest of the shoot. The bangers will come!


Nobody likes a google doctor. They are professionals for a reason. The same with photographers, if you have the right photographer, they shoot with passion, compassion, the willingness to go the extra mile and having your interests at heart. I call it an investment. Invest in your photographs, invest in YOUR photographer, you wont regret it.

Couples shoots are meant to showcase your love for each other, this amazing phase of your life so just have FUN. Laugh from the belly and snort if you have too. Your photographer will probably be doing the same!