Enrica & Matt | Engagement Shoot | Robberg Nature Reserve

January 7, 2021

I have just photographed my future friends!

I first met Enrica and Matt when I got to photograph Enzo’s surprise engagement with Kiara! After a family shoot Enrica’s mum asked me what dates do I have available for her surprise engagement. The plan was already in motion.

And so it was the 18th December 2020, Matt (who was meant to be working back in JHB) flew in and waited on the beach. So how do get her down there without causing too much suspicion? Well we having a family shoot of course, and as Kiara turned the corner to walk down, there was Matt (and me) waiting for her! I still have goosies!

Matt that was the longest speech to a bride to be, and after what felt like an hour, he dropped to his knee and she said “what the fu@k took you so long”! Right there I knew, these two were going to be fun to photograph!

19th December, time to meet at Robberg 04h20. Yes 04h20.
They got there on time and as we made our way to the Island we chatted about life and the amount of times Enrica said something, I was like “me too” and “that’s so me”. Only to find out as we were walking Enrica said the same thing to herself. I don’t think I have ever LAUGHED and smiled so much during a couple shoot. Their dance moves where dodge, Matt’s dimples made me weak at the knees and Enrica’s infectious laugh and smile made me smile constantly behind the camera. I think I fell in love with their love for each other.

They were up for everything, standing on the cliff edge, getting soaked for the shot, best champagne spray ever, smiles, laughs and me freaking out, cos the photos were BANGING!

Matt, thank you so much for including me! I cant wait till the two of you move down. We will be smashing tennis balls, drinks, hiking and laughing all the way whilst doing it!