Iavanie & Andre | Engagement Shoot | Robberg Nature Reserve

December 8, 2020

The mermaid and her teddy bear!

I am blown away by 2020 in more ways than I thought possible. Some of my couples have come over for coffee to my house, others have become WhatsApp or Facebook friends and some are so special in more ways than my words would ever describe, and this is where Iavanie and Andre sit.

From the moment we parked up outside of Robberg to walk to the island it was as if I had organised a sunrise hike with my mates, so easy, so casual and most importantly so comfortable. I laughed about Iavanie’s drunk phone call to Andre about why he hasn’t kissed her yet, to Andre’s retaliation of sending her an empty chocolate box to being absolutely taken back by the fact that Iavanie had her heart out of her body for freakin 8 yes 8 hours! What the flip! 

The list goes on and on and on. Getting them walking over rocks, getting them soaked for shot (and what a banger), pulling smoke bombs to which I failed as I didn’t understand the wind direction and they got smoked out and I laughed but tried not to. And to finally photographing their wedding, which I am slowly getting to edit! This post will be updated as soon as there is a preview.

Iavanie and Andre, thank you for being such sports and most importantly, thank you for sharing this very special time in your lives with me!