Jurgita & Karabo | Couple Shoot | Harkerville

January 29, 2022

Harkerville Adventure Couple Shoots, NEVER disappoint!

I freakin LOVE it when I get couples that don’t mind getting a little hike in before we shoot! It’s such a great “ice breaker”, we get to chat a little, subjects can range from how they met to photography and of course I need to talk about my plants and of course my dogs. But most importantly, we laugh. I feel like we have become friends even before I whip out my cameras! 

Jurgita and Karabo’s love story is my favourite kind. Jurgita who is from Lithuania came over to South Africa for work, she was meant to stay a little while, but here we are a couple of years down the line, she never left. She fell in love not only with Karabo, but our beautiful country! We spoke about her country’s love of potatoes, her walking 100km (it’s a thing) and of course her wedding. There will be a red dress people! I can NOT WAIT!

As always, with every shoot, we laugh, my goodness do we laugh. As the sun was setting, I kept saying to myself, how lucky that I call this work! I have the most beautiful couple in front of me and behind them the rugged coastline of Harkerville showing off. Don’t you think Jurgita looks like a young Sarah Jessica Parker! So stunning.

Jurgita and Karabo, what can I say? THANK YOU for only not educating me, laughing with me, getting into ICE COLD WATER for a shot, making me find a new location to shoot in, hiking back in the dark, watching fire flies, listening to baboons, jumping over streams and trusting me to be part of your wedding day.