Kalk Bay Couple Shoot With Jacquelise & Riaan

July 14, 2022

There will be a Goldie!

If you have followed me on any social media platform, you will KNOW that I am obsessed with my three beautiful golden retriever boys, known as my children and my entire world!

So when Jacquelise said there will be a Goldie puppy, I was so freakin excited. Not only will I be shooting at new location at Kalk Bay in Cape Town, one that I have dreamt about shooting a couple here for years, but there will be a beautiful Goldie. I never wish time away, but this time I was. Hurry up Cape Town!

On the morning of the shoot, I completely lost my manners and greeted Finely first (the Goldie), I was missing my three precious boys and hugging this one, definitely made me feel better. You never know what you going to get when you try and photograph dogs, they have a mind and will of their own, which can be most entertaining. I must give a shoutout to Baby the cutest French Bulldog too, I know I go on about golden retrievers but she was super cutie too.

The doggies wanted to smell EVERYTHING of course its all new and one must investigate previous invaders of this new space. But once they were happy, we got some amazing shots, with the help of SNACKS! I so enjoyed this morning.

Thank you Jacquelise and Riaan for sharing your puppy with me, getting up early, getting amazing coffee from Olympia Cafe and making sure we got bangers!

I hope we get to do this again!