Kasselman Family Shoot | The Knysna Heads

July 20, 2021

I wonder if Max won

Where to start with this blog post. I first met Lesley and Eckhardt back in the day when Instagram was cool and we did InstaMeets and InstaWalks. But as life happens we grow up and adult.

We all know what 2020 was about and I didn’t have “work” as most of us and I really was desperate just to keep busy and most importantly positive I did a giveaway and Lesley entered and won, a much deserved winner as she is a front liner worker and I am sure she has endured much more than we can even imagine.

After dodgy weather and calendar schedule conflicts we finally arrived to the shoot day. And man. It was well worth the wait. I can’t even explain how amazing this shoot was. It was also the first time I officially met Isla and Liyakhanya. I laughed, ran around and was in awe of the LOVE everywhere. This is what family shoots are ALL ABOUT. 

Lesley, thank you for entering my competition, being a front line worker and allowing me to photograph you beautiful family, I honestly hope there are a few more in the pipeline. Your family is gorgeous!