Marel & Dylan | Couple Shoot | Emily Moon

July 23, 2022

Emily Moon we love you!

This is the third time I had the privilege to photograph this absolutely stunning couple. I first met them when they threw the BEST FREAKIN engagement party ever. On the sand dunes with stunning views of the Wilderness Beach. All I could see what tattoos, stunning smiles, beautifully tanned skin and that epic gin bar!

Fast forward a few months, wedding schedules, emails we found ourselves at Barringtons Plett for their wedding day!
Their day was a point, with that stunning couple looking ever bit as glamours as that day in Wilderness. I have been a huge Bottomless Coffee Band fan and I heard they were playing during the reception, I was so excited. My year was made. We danced the night away, cut a dress, went to Japan and ate cake! What a day!

Off these beauts went to the Maldives for their honeymoon and I was so itching to not only photograph them again (all tanned and relaxed) but just to see them and catch up. They are honestly stunning humans.
Marel and Dylan, I know you might be sick of me. But I honestly love photographing you two and I really hope we get to do it all again!