Mel & Melissa | Couple | Robberg Nature Reserve

November 25, 2020

When stalkers become friends!

As we all know Covid-19 was a real thing and I ran a 50% off all couple and family shoots, not necessarily to get money, but to get out and “meet people” again and to do what I love most, shoot people (gets me every time!).

Melissa enquired about a shoot for her and her partner, Mel and also her friend (who happens to work with Melissa at the MOST amazing shop in Knysna!). We need more friends like Melissa! She was kind enough to book both shoots.

So little did I know that is was a surprise birthday shoot for Mel, but a little snag, they had lovely day in Plett that included massages and well it included a head massage with oil! LOL!

So the beginning of the shoot was rather interesting, but we pushed through with oily hair jokes (luckily they didn’t swim, there would have been an oil spillage!), we laughed and made fun of how Melissa got her nails done and not Mel, Melissa said I could get a voucher for doing this shoot but the amount would depend on how I could sell this shoot, we joked around and some times I went up R25 and other times I went down R50. And then. A genius moment. I gave Mel my “hat” (yes the grey one from Germany that I am attached to. R100 voucher), I joked about not leaving a oily stain, R25 down and we just freakin made a joke about the situation, the champagne spraying, the girls have promised to practice this, the “aeroplane” move man, I  am sitting here giggling away! And then out of nowhere the wind dropped and we got a BANGING SUNSET!

What a day, what a shoot and what an AWESOME couple.

Here is to finding pansy shells, choosing colours and being coffee snobs!