Michaela & Buzz | Wedding

January 1, 2021

Sharyn, we getting married. Doesn’t matter if there are 20 or 200 people.

I honestly don’t know how I can be constantly so lucky to get amazing bridal couples and Micheala and Buzz once again proved that love, even in the middle of a global pandemic will always win. I have never photographed a Portuguese wedding, but after this one. I am convinced I need to find a Portuguese man that loves dogs. Cos I want a party like this one!

The only way I can describe this wedding is, so much love under one tent. Truly. So much LOVE!

Michaela, I don’t know if a more “bridechilla” has ever existed, you took everything in your stride, without too much visible panic. What was going on inside your head I have no idea, but your composure throughout planning this wedding was pretty much chilled. THANK YOU!

Your wedding was one of perfection, you looked absolutely breathtaking, I even think Buzz forgot to breathe when you walked down the aisle, I know a few people did. Your decor and floral installations was beyond stunning and I often looked around and saw something new in the flower arrangements. The venue never looked as good! The champagne was delicious! The weather was exactly what every brides dreams of for their wedding day and your bridesmaids are probably the best bunch of girls I have ever photographed at a wedding, the grooms were hilarious and Buzz cleaned up pretty freakin good!

Buzz, your speech was out of this world! One of the best groom speeches ever! What I said was…..and what I was thinking…DUDE so good!

Michaela and Buzz, thank you for choosing us to be witness of the start of your next amazing chapter in your lives, I said it before, thank I am so lucky to have met you, laughed with you, maybe got a little teary eyed with you, laughed more with you, photographed what you have planned and dreamt for for over a year and to hug you. Now please find me a man who loves dogs!


You don’t marry the person you can live with—you marry the person you can’t live without – Unknown


Second Photographer: Kate Maclean

Videography: James Peters
Wedding Dresses: Vonve
Groom’s Suite: Tiger of Sweden
Brides Make Up: Make Up By Claudia
Bridesmaids Make Up: Karin Chan
Florist: Ecozest