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Just Love, that’s all.

This has been one of my sayings for a while and the positive impact it has had is really difficult to explain. If you walk around with a heart that has no intention other than love, love for where you are, who you are with, love the moment, love for Monday’s, cheesecake, the farmer who has planted broccoli (just can’t eat that) for vegetarians, the love for rainy days and summer sun. The love you have for your family and course the love for your other half.

My couple photography can be described as adventurous with an emphasis on epic landscapes and grand adventure, capturing the magic between two lovers, full of stoke and centred around telling YOUR LOVE STORY!

I strive to capture your shoot in an authentic way, creating photographs that are filled with emotion and beauty.  I live for being outdoors and I am inspired by our dynamic coastline, windy mountains tops, mystical forests and forever chasing the golden sun.

If you are the couple who is adventurous, natural, relaxed and madly in love then I hope we can go out and create an adventure session that you won’t forget.

These sessions are perfect for engagements, anniversaries, honeymoon, surprise engagements or just because you feel like it!

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