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You can only hear your heart beat in the silence.

The ultimate dream is of course to be a full time landscape photographer, travelling the world and getting paid, who wouldn’t LOVE that job?

But for now, I am based in Plettenberg Bay along the Garden Route and my love and passion for the outdoors has given me many opportunities to capture those amazing moments nature throws our way and serves as a reminder that we can’t control her.

As you might have noticed on the website I cover various photographic genres, like weddings, family, couple, lifestyle and events. But there is something about hiking at 04h00 in the morning and enjoying the view, the silence, the moments, this is where I am in my ELEMENT and can pretend there is some artistic side to me.

Just like every genre of photography there are challenges and to be honest, landscape might be the hardest of them all, we can’t control Mother Nature and we need her and her generosity to align the elements and hopefully the magic will happen.

I am forever chasing the “GOLD”, those precious minutes when the sun just starts to rise or set. Sometimes I wish I could bottle that light, but then again, I am so glad I can’t. How boring would photography be if the hunt for magic light was over?

Although I do have a store in place. All of the images here are available for prints or Digital use.  Please feel free to contact me for a quote or more information.

Sharyn Hodges Garden Route Landscape Photographer


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