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Wildlife Photography

Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius – Edward O. Wilson

I am by NO MEANS a wildlife photographer. The dedication, patience and stalking skills required to be at the top level is about the same as being a top elite athlete.  You are putting in hours and hours and hours for that one shot, the one that people will look in awe, share (without you even knowing it) and hopefully a few people will be inspired.

However, I have found myself at certain times of my “career” in front of an elephant or lion, but my wildlife photography is really sea animal based with dolphins and whales. These two specific creatures I have followed and watched in excitement as a little girl, screaming, “there are dolphins, there are dolphins!”, even when everyone has said “yes, we have already seen them today”, I still got excited and watched them swim by until they disappeared around the corner.

Today however, I just scream “DOLLIES”!

Even though this will be my least filled portfolio, I am still fuelled with the same passion for nature as I am for travel, landscapes and capturing weddings. I have a tireless desire to keep improving and keep acquiring knowledge.

Alain of Jukani photographed by Sharyn Hodges


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