Robyn & Grant | Engagement Shoot | Robberg Nature Reserve

July 13, 2021

Pirates of the Caribbean

You just know those people, you know the ones, the ones you just connect without even meeting. This is exactly how I felt when Robyn and I started e-meeting. The energy and warmth from you messages transpired into our meeting at Kurland even during these crazy times, she greeted me with the biggest hug and smile.

We hashed out wedding timelines, ideas and I started getting excited for my first wedding at Kurland. But first we had to do their engagement shoot. And there is NO place better than Robberg Nature Reserve, we laughed over poses, how Grant “cleaned up”, I couldn’t get enough of Robs hat and a quick outfit change and as the sun was setting we quickly hopped over to my favourite side of Robberg to catch the sunset. And as always Robberg didn’t disappoint. I pushed them edges and laughed at myself for freakin out as the sun shone between he rocks and there these two beautiful humans stood at the end of the world, totally and utterly IN LOVE!

Robs and Grant, sorry for making everything Pirates of the Caribbean, freakin out during sunset, making you doing weird things, like smelling eyebrows and tracing faces. But man, did we have a great time!