Sarah & Tom | Kay & Monty Wedding

January 19, 2023
sarah & tom wedding at kay & monty. sharyn hodges photography
kay & monty wedding venue

Plettenberg Bay Wedding

Kay & Monty, The Crags, Garden Route

When you are determined not to let Covid and travel restrictions kill your vibe.

I could be wrong but I think Sarah and Tom moved their wedding date 4 or 5 times. They are also my last of my outstanding covid weddings. I take my hat off to these two.

They moved to New Zealand and as we know, that New Zealand had one of the harshest Covid policies which included a travel ban. Which made choosing a date very difficult and every time we thought we had one, we had to move it again and again. I held my breathe for the 21st December 2022. I really wanted to see these two down the aisle in front of their nearest and dearest. 

They decided to get officially hitched on the mountains in New Zealand and I won’t lie, it’s exactly how I would get married, just me and my partner and the most magnificent views. I saw their elopement photographs and nearly died. “How can I even compete with all that epicness?”. I just saw BANGER after BANGER after BANGER!

But as always, I do my best and I don’t leave an idea or a thought behind. I will always suggest something a bit out there and I really hope that my bridal couple can see my vision without seeing it and Sarah and Tom saw it and those canoe, champagne, sunset, horses, fynbos, mountains and just FUN photos is what we managed to get.

Sarah and Tom, THANK YOU for sticking with not only me, but most of your wedding vendors, thank you for all the laughs, for being FUN, Sarah, your champagne spraying skills are on another level, thank you for getting in the canoe and venturing to the horses and shielding me from them. 

I hope your love stays as resistant and determined as you two planning this wedding. Never give up and always find a solution and celebrate life’s little achievements.

I will be watching how you both grow as individuals and as a power couple, I can’t wait!




Wedding Vendors

Venue: Kay & Monty Vineyards

Wedding Dress: Jeannelle l’amour

Bride’s Make Up & Hair: Karin Chan

Bridesmaids Make Up & Hair: Karin Chan

Styling & Floral: EcoZest

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