SH Presets



Having photographed in the industry for what feels like over 6000 years now, I know the pain photographers go through to find what works keeping your work consistent whilst streamlining the process at the same time.

I have worked long and hard to create an edit that fits my photography style whilst truly bringing out the best in every photograph. Having taken this long to perfect what I feel to be the ultimate presets it has been hard to let go and share my work with the world… But it is time…

This is why for the first time ever I am releasing the exact presets I use when editing. SH Presets!

Offering you the opportunity to streamline work, maintain consistency, and speed up editing process. They are not intended to make you a better photographer. A good photograph consists more than just the perfect presets: light, exposure, composition, settings, etc.

Included in this exclusive Preset pack you will receive four presets: 3 colour and 1 black and white.

I have named my presets after my four precious animals, three golden retrievers and one crazy parrot. My favourite preset is the NoNo Pye!

Preset 1


Preset 2


Preset 3


Preset 4


Post Processing Made Easy



Purchase my SH Presets for your Laptop or PC .


After purchasing my presets you will receive a confirmation email that will include a downloadable link. Clicking the link will start the download. Save the zip file to your download folder.


Simply unzip the .zip file to access the .xmp files. If you struggle to install the presets please contact me [email protected]


Install your presets in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw and apply them on your images. Just adjust the exposure, shadows, contrast, temperature and don’t forget radial and graduated filters are your friends!


Which program must be used to work with SH Presets and what is included in the preset pack?

SH Presets have the size format .lrtemplate and .xmp. They can be used in Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3 and prior, Adobe Lightroom CC (2015), 6, 5 & 4 and ACR Presets in Photoshop CC & CS6. Set contains three colour presets and one B&W presets. 

What about refunds, exchanges or returns?

Unfortunately I do not offer refunds, exchanges or returns for digital products!

How do i receive the presets after the purchase?

After your purchase you can directly download the zip file with the SH Presets.

What can I do, if I purchased the presets, but can’t download the Zip file?

Drop me a note at s[email protected] in case there are any issues during purchasing/downloading process.

I lost my presets. Can you send them again?

To avoid this scenario I encourage you to double save your data just like you do with your clients’ images. If your files are irretrievably lost, send me an email with your purchase details including your order number and ill will resend your files within an appropriate processing time.

Can I share the presets purchased here with others?

No, it’s illegal to redistribute any presets sold here.

Do these Presets work on different camera platforms like Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.?

I have tested my presets on various systems such as Canon, Nikon, Sony without any issues.

What can I do to get the perfect result using the SH Presets?

See the presets as the perfect finish for our photo. My presets are developed to be applied on a technically proper shot in terms of exposure and white balance. They can not correct any technical mistakes done while shooting. As light situations and camera settings always vary, you might need to adjust the Exposure, Temperature  contrast, shadows and Tint in Lightroom. Radial and Graduated filters are your friends!

I did not shoot RAW, can I apply these presets also on JPG files?

The presets sold here are developed to be applied on RAW files, they are not designed to be used editing JPG files.

These could be yours for $149