Sueltz Family Shoot | Keurboomstrand

August 13, 2022

Our 3 is now 4! This is the Sueltz Family Shoot 2.0. 

I first met Daniella, Cody and Jet a good couple of years ago (2019) on a cold autumn morning in Keurboomstrand. Jet was a mere five months old and as cute as button. He is such a little character now!

I always say I have many families, that I only see once a year. And in that year I have seen so much growth. I have seen how babies have grown to toddlers, to little humans, from crawling to walking and then running. From no teeth, to two front teeth to everything but the two front. Then braces and no braces. I have seen families growth in numbers. I have seen boyfriends and girlfriends come and go and I have seen the ones that keep coming back.

I was so excited to see Daniella’s appointment request as I couldn’t wait to see them all again and the new addition!

A perfect February’s sunset on Keurboomstrand, where we met for the first time three years ago. I watched this beautiful family of four glow in the golden light of sunset, full of laughs, silliness and LOVE! So so so much for each other.

I can’t wait to see them again…