The Beard Family Shoot | Plettenberg Bay

August 16, 2022

The bigger the family, the better the shoot!

I love it when I get “big family shoots”. I just know there will be all sorts of awesome personalities and the Beard family was no different. From little ones too little ones with a little bit of grey hair. We laughed way too much!

The things we have to do to get the kids attention, making bird sounds, clapping hands, dancing you name it we did it.

Its not always getting the family up and ready to start shooting just after FIVE IN THE MORNING, but they were!

To the entire Beard family, thank you for the epic morning, the dodgy dance moves, the who can jump the highest competition, the bird noises, the running from the water, getting up early for the shoot and coming with the best attitude ever! I hope we do this again!