Wedding Traditions To Rethink

June 3, 2019

Traditions, some say we should keep them, others say they are there to be broken. Either way if you are planning a wedding these are a couple of traditions that you might want to ditch or replace.

A wedding day is so special, it’s meant to reflect your own relationship.

There are no rules when it comes to planning a wedding and choosing the ”wedding traditions” to represent your relationship, its important to make this YOUR day!




So I might get SHOT for this one. But…

There are a few emotionally stirring moments during a wedding and one of them is the first look.

The first moments of your wedding is so moving, why would you want to share something so intimate, special, once in a lifetime moment with 100 + guests? Instead of thinking ‘should I be crying when I see her walk down the aisle’, rather let all those thoughts come naturally at a first look, away from everyone. This is also a great way to settle those nerves.

And don’t even get me started on these special photographs!



This tradition is being used less and less at weddings. Understandably brides are not doing the garter toss and holding onto their bouquets instead of throwing them into the crowd.

Personally I think the guests are relieved knowing there isn’t a garter or bouquet toss, who wants to be pushed up in front of everyone anyway!



Most of these traditional wedding traditions don’t affect your budget, enter the famous honey or jam jars as a wedding favour.

Wedding favours cost money, it doesn’t matter if you are on a budget or not. Don’t feel pressurized to provide a wedding favour for your guests, they haven’t flown around the world for a jar of honey they are there for you, to celebrate your day.  Rather take that money and use it to throw an incredible party that will leave your guests with plenty of happy memories.



I have always said, the day I don’t get butterflies when a bride walks down the aisle, that will be the last time I photograph a wedding.  It is one of my FAVOURITE moments during a wedding. There are so many emotions and yes, I’ll admit that I love seeing a bride and father walk down the aisle.

But there are a few other variations that you could consider that is equally as special!

Walking down with both your mom and father. This is such a great way to honour your love and relationship with both parents. Dads get to walk down the aisle, say a speech and do a father daughter dance, let’s involve the person who brought you safely into this world!

Walking down the aisle alone. Every time I see this, I think to myself, what a confident woman! I would be dying with so many people looking JUST AT ME!

The final alternative, is walking down the aisle together. Start the next beautiful chapter of your lives together as one. How beautiful is that?



This one definitely has pros and cons and to be honest, it really depends on the bride. Having your besties stand next to you as you say your vows and “I do’s” is truly an amazing experience without a doubt. But…

Having a bridal party can also create and add unnecessary stress to your wedding plans and your wedding day. This doesn’t even include the politics of who to include, who not to. Yes I have been to weddings where one or two bridesmaids are just there to either fill the numbers or because it’s the grooms sister or your cousin that you promised would be a bridesmaid when you were nine years old but you haven’t spoken to her in two years, it can be so awkward!

Managing and dealing with 5 people’s personalities and opinions could end friendships. Relieving yourself of a bridal party removes all of this nonsense and saving yourself with gifts, dresses etc.

Rather take that energy and put it in focusing on your partner and creating an EPIC WEDDING DAY!

If you would still like to involve a few of your dearest friends, ask a couple of people to do a reading during your ceremony.  Less stress and still special!



This can be seen as a bit of fun, but just because it’s a “wedding tradition” doesn’t mean you have to do it.  You know what, you don’t have to do these things.
It’s YOUR wedding day, if you want to get everything new to suit your personality and style then do IT!




Again, I’ll be shot for this one, but did you know that in ancient times, the veil was meant to safeguard a bride from witches and demons as she walked down the aisle? I guess you didn’t know that. Veils were also worn for arranged marriages, covering the brides face to the very last second, just in case her future husband saw her and didn’t like what her saw. Not nice hey!

There are so many alternative for this, a flower crown is probably my favourite!



I always get confused where to sit for this, what if I know them both? Does it come to which one I love more or which one I first met? Too much to think about.

Rather put your parents on the opposite sides of where they were meant to “traditionally” sit, this way they can actually look into their child’s face rather than the back of their heads! Just makes more sense!

Take the sides out, its confusing and unnecessary.



This one a lot of girls will agree with me, unless you own those jeans from Sisterhood of the travelling pants every bridesmaid body is different from shape to skin tone.  Would you want to wear something that looks amazing on the person next to you and you feel like you look like a potato? Didn’t think so.

Give the girls a colour palette and free reign (with maybe one or two limitations).

Click here to download a PDF version of the Wedding Traditions To Rethink