Potgieter Family Shoot | Natures Valley

July 16, 2021

1 + 1 = 3

There is NO GREATER feeling in the world, when a bridal couple (who you photographed their wedding) who has had their first child, pops you a message to say, it’s family shoot time. It is such an HONOUR to be part of these amazing people’s lives. I get to see their most incredible moments of their lives. How lucky am I?

Sim and Johann, THANK YOU for coming back and letting me meet Seehaas (Sias), it was so lovely seeing you both again and how much in love you two still look! It’s amazing. 

Sorry for the REALLY long walk to the spot that I wanted to get to, forgot how beautiful Nature’s Valley is really is and we had such amazing weather, thank goodness for mist!

I know we just shot, but I can’t wait for the next one!